On February 6th, our associated Paola Bianchi has lead a masterclass on Slow Fashion at TheAC Raffles and I had the pleasure to attend it. At the beginning of the class Paola had shaded light on some fast fashion consume numbers that are not usually sponsored by the big fashion companies. She had informed us about the quality of life of those people working in the backstage of fast fashion mass production. In general, attendees could gain a a good overview on the negative effect that fast fashion has not only on the environment but also on our society. After having set the stage, Paola moved towards the introduction of more conscious brands and she explain the concept of slow fashion. The comparison between the two fashion models, fast vs slow, has been precisely examined by Paola in her presentation. She also shared with us what the principles and mission of The Tangerine Road, the fashion brand she has founded, are and how the full process of a garment production is executed there. If you are curious to know more about it, please join Paola at her next Masterclass on February 24th from 10:00 AM – 12:00 AAM.


If you cannot attend the masterclass and you would like to have more information about the dark side of fast fashion, here you have some documentaries suggested by Vogue!