The Italian Community in Singapore Stands Up for Amatrice

Wednesday 24 August 2016 at 3:36 a.m., a terrible earthquake shook a vast region in central Italy, having its epicenter in Amatrice and Accumoli in the Lazio Region. Hundreds of people died, thousands lost everything, not only material possessions but also their past: cultural heritage buildings, schools and ancient churches and monuments crumbled to the ground. Since that day, from every corner of Italy and the world, a solidarity machine has begun working and is still working non-stop under the supervision and the support of the Italian Red Cross Organization. In Singapore, a fundraising event is being organised, under the patronage of the Italian Embassy, by IWG (Italian Women’s Group), with support from The Fullerton Bay Hotel and Barilla.

Even so far from our countrymen affected by the tragedy, feeling very close with our hearts and minds to those who are suffering, the Italian Community in Singapore stands up for all the victims of the disaster, organizing a fundraising event: join us and show your support“, said Raffaella Tarassi, President of the Italian Women’s Group in Singapore.

Thank you for participating in the fund raising event in support of the victims of the earthquake of Amatrice! Thanks to your generosity we were able to raise 21,400 SGD that will be fully donated to help the victims of the earthquake of Amatrice! As you probably know, all the money raised will be transferred to the Red Cross Society of Singapore that will be in charge of donating it to the Red Cross Society of Italy. Once again thank you for your kindness, generosity, time and effort, making this event such a huge success.